Thoughts in motion

Hello readers,

I hope you all had a great week. It’s been a week since I last wrote and I know a good deal of you must have missed my blog. I do apologize to those who came but found no content to read. Last week came with its own set of lessons and all I can say is I am grateful.

My partner and I had a road trip right after a festival of chariot and even though we have done the same route many times before, this time the challenges were different. I  have learnt so much in the last week that I feel obliged to share it with all of you. To be honest, sometimes we may be in a very trying situation with a lot of learning opportunities but if we fail to immerse ourselves into the experience given, we will not be able to fully grasp the message being conveyed.

In the face of disappointment, we are quick to judge, blame, and even give up. This is what I refer to as the “reactionary attitude”. Something goes bad, we act accordingly. There is no time for reflection, or time for us to evaluate the situation and then come up with a strategy. Over the weekend I can remember being in a situation whereby my partner and I had some not so good feedback and in the moment because I was carried away by her disposition to the situation, I also lost track of mine. My thinking ability had temporarily shut down and I was at the mercy of my subconscious memory. I was going through the physical motions of moving but my mind and heart were not in proper unison.

Another scenario had presented where I needed to exercise tranquility and remove myself from whatever was happening. I had being able to control my emotions and not act on impulse and the end results was great. It goes without saying that to whom much is given much is expected. Anytime we fall short in a situation we need to ask ourselves; are we utilizing all the resources we have in order to win this war over matter and the mind. It seems to me that we are in a constant tussle between matter and spirit. At some point we are in tune with our energies and spirit is in control, and at other times we allow our base tendencies to take over.

The struggle is real as a common phrase goes. We have to daily make choices that all add up into weekly choices, monthly choices, yearly choices and lifetime choices. We are a sum and substance of all the choices we have made over time in our lives. Whether we agree to this fact or not, it is a bitter pill to swallow. How do we convince someone going through a difficult time that they are in that situation due to choices they have made. The truth is we don’t. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion and as such most people learn by repeated and failed experience. There is the popular phrase “experience is the best teacher”. I used to quote that a lot as a teenager and once my Dad said to me “not in every case. In some cases only fools learn by experience. A first class human being (or intelligent person) learns by hearing from authorities on a subject matter or by the experience of others.”

I have always reflected on his phrase. There are some things I have been through a couple times and I ask myself; am I being a first class human in this situation or a third class human being. (This is someone who even though he has lived an experience still doesn’t learn and repeats the same mistake). There are other times when I have an experience once and I vow to myself never again to relive it. In effect what am I saying; life does get to us most of the time. The other part when we think we are outsmarting life, it is just a break. I don’t want to sound pessimistic or come off as one dealing with issues, I just wanted to share these random thoughts that were circulating in my head.

Another good analogy for life and its distractions is; travelling on the highway. When we travel interstate, we pass many exits. Each exit has its own attraction; food, gas, hotel, etc. However we do not get off at every exit. We keep driving until we need to either rest, refuel or eat. We won’t be able to arrive at our destination if we took every exit we saw. In fact we would never begin the journey if we took the very first exit that we saw. This will take us totally off track and if somehow or the other we got back on track and took another exit again, we would be off track again. In essence what I am trying to say is, it is always handy to have focus and direction in life. This becomes like a compass for us.

There will be times when we might need to pull over from the journey of life to take a quick break but we wont be off track. We still have the goal and our GPS will be our values. They will point us in the direction we feel is most important to us. Just like the regular GPS, it is just a guide to get us to our destination. Our values will always be our GPS, if someone is morally bankrupt or deficient then we can compare that to a GPS that is not up to date. If we hold others to our own values, we will be compared to someone who wants other drivers to follow his own GPS. Everyone has their own journey, we may journey together for a while but never entirely together.

After all said and done, we want to be able to look back and be grateful for the gift of life, the gift of good health, and the gift of basic amenities that we take for granted. To those who wake up everyday with the zeal of a hunting Lion, I say all the best and see you all at work on Monday.

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If you don’t MIND,Then it doesn’t MATTER

Dear esteemed readers,

I hope you all had an amazing Independence Day celebration last week. My week was intensely busy as I was also involved in a festival a few days after, needless to say it was a grand success.

Last week I was having a discussion with my Father about certain philosophical topics and I was really trying to understand certain things about the human way of thinking, willing and feeling viz a viz the opinion of others. It was at this point in our discussion he made a point or a phrase which kind of stuck. He said “If you don’t MIND, then it doesn’t MATTER.” Now there is a bit of Pun (a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.) If we look at this statement from the contextual point of view, we can say it means, if you don’t mind (care, bother, worry) about a situation or circumstance, then it doesn’t matter ( it’s not an issue).

This is a simple yet powerful meaning which I must say if applied one will naturally evolve to the much more esoteric meaning. Usually in life we tend to worry so much about stuff that actually aren’t worth worrying about. Often times we worry about how we look, what we wear, and what people say or think about us, etc. The truth of the matter is a good deal of the time, we actually create these situations in our head. However in a scenario where maybe there is an actual situation where there is a second or third party opinion about us, still if we don’t MIND, then it doesn’t MATTER. When we MIND (worry, care, bother) we are actually giving the situation life and feeding it to grow. Such situations need us to “mind” in order for it to thrive.

The second meaning is a lot deeper and more esoteric. There are basically two factors in life; MIND and MATTER. Mind represents all that is subtle and spiritual, while MATTER represents all that is gross and physical. In order for us to grow as spiritual practitioners, we must focus more on the mind than on matter. When we try to cultivate things of the mind then we try to reach or tune ourselves to a higher frequency, while focusing on matter does the opposite. It is worthy to mention here that when we say “if you don’t mind” it is not a way of saying have a carefree attitude. No, rather we are saying give your energy to those things which are worth your energy and time, and those things that can impact you positively, keeping you energized rather than drained. The entire process of spirituality is actually getting to train the mind to focus on the finer aspects of spirituality rather than on the gross things of matter. To the degree that we can achieve this to that degree we actually understand the real meaning of the words “we are not this body”. As eternal spiritual beings we must understand that it is better to be in tune with our spiritual side than with our gross and physical side if we must make considerable advancement.

There are people who have been able to work on this second aspect and have achieved extraordinary feats. They have been described by many names such as yogis, sages, mystics, or simply those who apply the principle of “mind over matter”. We have seen folks who have been able to levitate objects with their mind, all by harnessing the power of the mind. As spiritual practitioners who are on a mission of discovering our original identity and serving the Supreme Lord, we actually desire more than being able to do “amazing feats” with our minds. We actually want to transcend the mind and connect to that which is greater. So when we say “don’t mind” as spiritual practitioners we are saying “go beyond” the mind”. This naturally brings us to the third interpretation.

The third meaning enables us to see things from the perspective of a spirit soul, completely detached from the dualities of material designations. In this light when we “don’t mind”, we actually saying go even further than operating on the subtle-mind platform, go deeper. When we say “then it doesn’t matter”, we mean; by trying to go deeper than the level of mind control we get to the level of spirit soul connection. We then realize that we are souls with a body and not vice versa.

I do understand that there are folks are who are a lot simpler in mind and are not so philosophical and would like to know what way they can apply this principle in their lives in the simplest way possible. To them I say “If you don’t mind the constant influx of desires the mind throws at you, if you don’t mind the constant criticism that come from different types of people, if you don’t mind the natural setbacks we have to face and deal with in life, then you will definitely realize sooner that it doesn’t really matter. There are a lot of things in life that deserve our real and genuine attention; things that add to our growth materially, spiritually and otherwise. If we can learn to red-direct the “mind” to those things that actually “matter” instead of focusing on just “matter” then we can hope to attain some level of peace and tranquility.

In conclusion, I would like my readers to make a concrete effort in identifying those things that actually don’t matter but take up our minds. When we can identify and isolate these things then we can slowly begin to take back control of our lives and there is a one interesting point. Those who operate on this level deeply, begin to amaze and surprise people, because they do not fit into the “regular type of people” any more. Once you stand out then it becomes easier.

Till next week, do read, internalize, share and follow this blog for more.