I hope you all are faring well. This week I feel like I should share some prayers that reflect some of my innermost thoughts and feelings. Every now and then I try to write and share a prayer, usually in various moods. For those who are new to my prayer series, please feel free to check one of them here. Without further ado, let’s dive into a world of prayers. For my readers who do not identify with any form of Theism, please feel free to reflect on my prayers below in whatever form or fashion that speaks to you.

Dear Lord, today I am here to speak to you because of late it has been difficult speaking with anyone who understands me the way you do. The last month has been trying, fulfilling, tough, and maybe even like a spiritual rollercoaster. I have had to deal with tests; some I passed and some I have failed. The irony is some of my failed tests, I could see them coming but I just wasn’t serious about passing them. Those that I somehow passed, I can’t even rejoice about them because it is expected that I should anyways.

It is interesting to note that for every test that I have criticized others of failing in the past, I have had to deal with them now. This only reminds me of the statement ” do not dwell on the shortcomings of others lest they become yours too”. It is easy to point out the flaws of others when we think we don’t have any, however as soon as we step into their shoes, we understand that it is not as easy as we might have thought.

Dear Lord, today I am here to speak to you because I really do see how minute I am in the presence of your energies. I somehow now understand that whatever spiritual progress I may have made in the past, it has been due to your causeless mercy. Success today on the path of spirituality doesn’t mean success tomorrow. We have to make choices daily and the summary of our progress is based mostly on these choices. You have mentioned in the Gita that the material energy is difficult to overcome but by constant practice and detachment, one can cross over it.

I try to practice consistently, however my level of detachment is what I feel is questionable. To the degree that I remain attached to the material energy to that degree, I am bound to it. To be honest, there is nothing as painful as seeing yourself fail a spiritual test knowing fully well that you can pass it. It is like a punishment in itself, like failing an exam you know you could very well get good grades in. You walk out of the Examination Hall and you already know what the score is. It is at times like this that I run to you Lord to ask for grace.

Dear Lord, today I am here to speak to you because you and I are the alone know all my fears, worries, and darkness. When there is no one and all is quiet, you know me better than I know myself. You see me better than I can ever see my reflection, you hear me better than I can ever process my internal dialogues. I don’t have to follow any protocol to let you know how I feel, neither do I have to go by guidelines in order to reveal my heart to you. You are there with me in my darkest moments and will always be with me even when I forget that you are.

This is the thought that reassures me that there is hope and all isn’t lost. To be honest, I feel like living in the material world is a bad deal that requires very special grace to navigate. Having a material body that is subject to birth, disease, old age, and death already sets us at a great disadvantage, so much so that we are constantly struggling to “win”. Lord, even though I may have all these odds stacked against me, I know your grace is sufficient for me.

Dear Lord, today I am here to speak to you because there is an immense vacuum inside of me that I can’t seem to fill up. I have tried to fill it with everything I can possibly imagine, but the more I try the more it seems to deepen.  Relationships in the material world are meant to provide us with some sort of solace for the type of vacuum that I am experiencing. The truth about our relationships here in this realm is that; it is the union of two “minute spirit souls” who are dependent on the Infinite being. So the question begs; how can one who is not self-sufficient provide sustenance for another?

Self-sufficiency here has nothing to do with money, houses and the like, but the mere fact that we cannot even do without breathing for a minute. Yet we feel like we are the controllers of all that we survey. Lord, help me, heal me, and most importantly please remember that I am just a prodigal son who is doing his best to satisfy you.

Dear Lord, please keep me under your grace, shelter me with your love and guide me with your protection. I am nothing but a beggar for your mercy and your grace is all that sees me through.

Till next week, please read, share and follow for more.




Home; a safe haven or hell.


I am actually ecstatic sharing with you all another blog this week. The response to my last blog was really amazing. I wasn’t expecting it to get so many views but I guess the topic is one we all are skeptical to talk about because of the times in which we live. Nonetheless, it was a joyful experience sharing and I appreciate the support always. So this week I felt hey why not continue on the rollercoaster. Share something that will pick at the mind and intellect of those who read it.

Since I spoke about Gender roles last week, naturally the transition will be to talk about the space in which these genders live in. The house we rent and share is just a house if certain elements are missing. Ever heard of the phrase; home sweet home! Well, it didn’t say “house sweet house”, because a house and a home are two different dynamics. One is the physical enclosure in which the other thrives. One may argue that well since a home is non-existent without the physical space called a house, then home is nothing really but a house with people in it. To this thought I beg to differ, animals habit in some really interesting spaces in Nature and to be honest, it is their home. Have you ever seen a tailor bird build its nest? Amazing piece of craftsmanship and art. However, as beautiful and intricate as the nest may be, it is not complete until the female tailorbird is sought, and comes to lay her eggs there.

In essence, if a house is not filled with joy, laughter, peace, love, kids, family, etc, it is difficult to describe it as a home per se. The physical space has to have some attributes that enable us to enjoy the homely feeling, otherwise, we get the opposite. This is where the sacred science of Vastu or Fend-Shui comes in. I have been fortunate enough to study some documents and books on Vastu Sastra or the science of living spaces and I can tell you for a fact that our houses have a lot more influence on us than we really know.   Many of us might have either seen, heard or even experienced moving into a new house and its one bad event after another. The car breaks down, everyone falls ill back to back, debts accrue endlessly and no matter how much we try nothing seems to work. Then you take a month vacation and it seems like everything is on pause and then as soon as you get back “home” the saga continues.

Some people are fortunate enough to decipher the sequence and even try to trace why things are happening. Then we decide to move to a new place to try for another opportunity and things start to change for the better. I know I might have to do another blog to extensively explain some aspects of Vastu or Feng-shui, but in the interim, it is worthy to note that our living spaces are like a bigger reflection of ourselves. In order for balance and tranquility to be met, some areas of the house should be always blocked, some areas always open, some areas should have entrances and some areas should not. Our bedrooms where we spend a lot of our time should be designed in a way to help us relax and grow, our living room and other spaces should also radiate energy in a way that they assist us in the endeavor we are trying to perform.

When we ignore all of this and just build for the sake of building we violate the “building codes” of nature. Just like every city has a building regulation, Nature has universal building regulations. For those who might be skeptics to this science, at least you’ll agree with me that there must have been one time in your life when you have walked into the house of a friend or somewhere and just said to yourself “something is really off about this place”, and other times when you walk into a place and just felt so much peace that you were intune with yourself. That “feeling” my friends is not just a feeling but real science. A notch further is coming home from work and having to deal with these energies. For those of us who have regular jobs, you’ll agree with me that after a long day at work, one looks forward to coming home to some peace, love, and tranquility.  Now imagine living in a space that has adverse effects on you and your partner and one of you is always triggered.

Let me give a vivid example to help you grasp this idea. There are certain rooms in a house that have negative effects based on who sleeps in it. The room in the NorthWest is considered better for the head of the family and if you have a guest in such a room, they might overstay their welcome lol. This is because it is a space that gives dominance and stability. Likewise, imagine living a house with many negative faults as per Nature’s building regulation and at the same time living with a partner that makes your life tough. Double hell I’ll say! You come home and the house has its effects on you, you feel twice as worked up even though you just had a hectic day at work, and just when you try to unwind you have a nagging wife or overbearing husband. Scenarios like this have pushed many people out of their homes to find some peace and solace.

The mind can only stay so long without peace and love! The house has to be made into a home so that it can radiate Love, Peace and positive vibes from proper Vastu. So ask yourself, is my house a safe haven or hell? How do I feel when I am on my way back home? Am I excited or just going through the motions? Do I feel relaxed when I am back home or it feels just like work? Is my partner assisting in making our house a HOME? Am I assisting in making our house a HOME? Many really good people with wonderful hearts have been “pushed” out of their own homes because they just can’t find peace and love in it. Let us try to do better! I sincerely hope that I can shed more light on the science of spaces soon, in order to give my readers a better understanding of how this works and to assist you all.

Till next week, I remain your loving friend and well-wisher. Read, share and follow for more.

In Deep


It’s a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another blog today. I hope you all are faring well. Last week we all celebrated Mother’s day and I must say the blog I wrote was one of the easiest one I have written so far. For those of you who missed it, please read it here.

This week I felt I share something a little different. Every now and then I’ll share a prayer, usually styled like poetry. I share these prayers not as a way to try to force my theistic beliefs on my readers or claim to be holier than thou, but as my way of saying that my progress in life has all been due to the mercy and grace of God. Without further ado, I give you all IN DEEP.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say thank you first and foremost! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect deeply with you. I am IN DEEP, and I just want to know which way to go. I am in deep when it comes to my daily struggles with life and I want to know which way to go so I can be a better devotee and person. I am in deep when it comes to my interactions with other people and I want to know which way to go so I can be a better example for others to follow. I am in deep when it comes to matters of the heart and I want to know which way to go so that my very existence radiates unconditional love; one that reminds people to love and serve you. Lord, do help me overcome these.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. I am in deep when it comes to praying to you inattentively. I call on your names and ask you to engage me in your service but my mind already has me engaged. It takes me everywhere it wants and all I do is follow. Every now and then I try to resist and sometimes I win but most times it does. I am in deep when it comes to not relishing the sweetness of calling upon you. I still find “other sweetness” in things that are material and temporary. I can only hope that you put some iota of taste in my heart. Lord, do help me overcome these.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. I am in deep when it comes to not spending time reading about your glories. I spend more time reading mundane pieces of literature with the hope of being erudite and scholarly. However, I forget that you are the source of all erudition and that by knowing you there is nothing left to know. The time I spend in speculative discussions and arguments I could very well use in studying more about you, but I choose to do otherwise. Help me Lord to refocus my priorities.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. I am in deep when it comes to identifying with my body and its by-products. I still think I am in control and in my own way, I try to lord over the material energy. I still think that the things around me are meant for my gratification instead of seeing them as facilities given to me to serve you. I claim to be aware of the principle of dovetailing things in your service but to be honest I do not have a clear understanding of how this works. Lord help me overcome this shortcoming.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. I am in deep when it comes to not showing adequate compassion to those who are ignorant of you. In my own way, I feel I am trying to get them to know you but I guess my ways lack the soft and magical touch of my spiritual mentor. I am in deep when it comes to using my spiritual standards as a yardstick to measure the seriousness of others. Even though I do realize that I may have some edge over others due to my own years of practice, I think it is high time I let others be the judge of their own spiritual progress. Lord, do help me overcome these.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. I am in deep when it comes to dealing with my subtle and gross shortcomings. I have faults which may not be very visible however like every human being I am far from perfect. I have been good at sorting out those flaws which are visible and sweeping under the carpet those I feel are “tiny grains.” Every day I wake up knowing how much visible progress I have made and how much progress I need to make that no one sees. I feel the real progress needed is that which no one sees because that is the one that you see. In my dark moments, only you and I know what my real struggles are. Lord, do help me overcome these.

Dear Lord, I am making contact today as I do daily to say forgive me for my offenses! The last couple of months have been trying, interesting and above all an opportunity to connect with you deeply. Help me for without you I am helpless, give me strength for with you I am weak. Your grace is sufficient for me.



Just do it! pt. 2


How are you guys faring? It’s been another learning week for me and as usual, I am here to share with you all some insights, and thoughts. Last week I gave an introduction into my current transition and I promised to continue this week. For those of you who might have missed the first part, please find it here. It’ll help you follow up this second part.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

If there is one thing you’ll need when making a huge life decision such as moving, it is PATIENCE. I say this upfront because as you make any transition you definitely come with a game plan and that plan should be as fluid a possible to accommodate unforeseen changes and events. If your plan is “too rigid” you’ll end up stuck, frustrated and mostly angry with yourself. Having a fluid plan doesn’t necessarily mean compromising your goals and objective. It just means being conscious enough to know that life is a dynamic and not static and to the degree that we realize this, to that degree we are centered. This is not just some sermon to sound “woke” or realized but a real call to help those of you who are planning to make a change or in the process of doing so. 

When we set out and were finally on the road making the drive to a new chapter in our lives, trust me the next emotion that kicks in is some apprehension or “FEAR”. The mind starts playing tricks on you because it is leaving something it is familiar with for the unknown. It could be from light to heavy apprehension; the light will be a little nostalgia of where you are leaving, memories, etc. That is somewhat easier to deal with. The heavy part is when whenever something goes wrong in your plans (which happens), your mind tells you it is because you left what you were used to for something unknown. Then your mind tries to start blaming you for your decision and then you begin to feel sorry for yourself and if you are not able to check this; you might end up reconsidering going back to what you were used to.

Now, whatever it is that made you feel you needed to make a JUMP,  I say stick with it. If it was so wonderful then you’ll never have contemplated that move. This requires discipline, focus, and perseverance. You have to constantly ask yourself, “how much do I really want this?” Until you want that goal like you need air, you may not have the discipline to stick with it.

During our drive, we made a few gas stops in addition to bathroom breaks, stretching, and food. Deep down we knew this was the move we always wanted to make and the sense of inner peace that we felt was all the assurance we needed. As we drove we spoke of the unknown we were trying to embrace and all that would come with it. We contacted the accommodation we had reserved and finally, we had completed the first part of this process; the drive. We unpacked our vehicle and refreshed ourselves by taking full showers. This enabled us to not only feel clean after such a long trip but to also enable our bodies to relax. Water has a very therapeutic effect on the body. After that we got some food and then got some rest. The next day we knew we had work to do. I had interviews lined up and so did my partner and I must say we kinda hit the ground running. In the midst of this, we also tried to get a feel of where we were.

My Partner and I have a little inside joke we use to “judge” an area we live in. We’ll say if we can find a good Indian Vegetarian restaurant, a good pizza spot and a good grocery store with Indian spices then we are good to go. In a couple of days we found all three, and not only did it give us some assurance that we were in a good place but it also made us feel like we were not from so far away after all.

While all this was going on, I must say we were having our fair share of “setbacks, not so good moments, tensed feelings from uncertainty, adaptation to change, etc”. Nevertheless, we just kept saying, we had to stick with it and see it through. As I speak with you we are still trying to “settle in” and our God-family here has been of immense support and to them, we are eternally grateful. So some of you may ask; what if I make a big move that isn’t necessarily a relocation, how can I incorporate the element of a god-family support system? Or what if I move to a place where I do not have any God-family? Well, my response to that is, whatever the details of your big move are, you should try to “remove yourself” from it from time to time otherwise it will consume you. What do I mean by this?  Sometimes during this process, I am the one who is anxious that things aren’t going as planned and sometimes my partner is. 

However, we both try to remind the other when either of us is in such a situation that it’s okay and all will be fine soon. Basically just being a support system for one another. Now does this happen every time, No! So there are days when we both feel the same way and I have to remind myself of the goal and “the WHY“. Once these two factors align then the little setbacks are somewhat easier to deal with. Take time out to appreciate the little things in nature that we take for granted like; a nice sunny day, music, family, etc. These will help you feel centered. Now last but not least, stress is something that will come up whenever you are in a transition. Now people deal with stress differently however no matter what you do, you do not want to “bottle up your stress”, it comes out worse.

Mantra meditation is my go-to method and I have been doing this for years and I can say for a fact that it really does work. I know some of you may have other methods that work for you such as taking walks, painting music, etc. At the end of the day, we all need to find a positive outlet for de-stressing.

Till next week read, share and follow for more.

Full Moon and the Circle of Change


Happy Martin Luther King Day to all my friends in the States, and for those of you in other parts of the world I say happy third week of the first month of this New Year. Come to think of it, I can remember like yesterday when we all celebrated the New Year. We were happy that a new chapter was about to begin and we had 365 chances again. Now we have used 21 chances already and are left with 344. Let’s make the best of it. That been said; how can we make the best of it? Well, I have shared a few blogs this year about “the new year and all that comes with it” and  “focus on what matters“. In these blogs, I tried to give as much useful and practical information as to how we can win more this Year.

However, in a change of style, I had focused more on the physical parts and I felt I share something a little more esoteric for my friends who lean more to metaphysics. So in this blog, I guess we can look at some metaphysical aspects that can help influence our decisions and actions in the New Year. Without a doubt, I guess some of you must have seen someone acting in a “strange” way and asked them what was wrong and they jokingly said; “Oh, it’s a full moon today lol”. As casual as this may sound there is definitely some element of truth in it. Granted, there are those who feel the need to justify their rascaldom or capricious activities by blaming the full moon. We are not referring to those people for now.

The trajectory of the Moon is such that it has phases; New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter and Waxing Crescent. Now I know this may sound all technical for some of us, as we are used to just two phases lol. It’s either its full or it’s not. The Moon’s circle affects the growth of plants and trees, it affects tides and even our bodies. Our bodies are made of approximately 75% water and for sure just as the moon has effects on the oceans it also has effects on our bodies. Just as the Moon has different phases from light to dark, these phases can be used to our advantage when we are trying to achieve certain endeavors. The waning phases of the moon are usually meant for getting rid of things in our lives which we feel are not adding value or are making life tough for us. In certain esoteric practices such as witchcraft, waning moons are best for spells that remove negativity etc. Similarly, the waxing moon is best for spells that attract positivity in our lives.

So for example, if one was to do a love spell to attract a lover, the waxing moon phase will be the best time so that the growth phase tallies with attraction. In the same way, we all have projects that we would like to see manifest this year or sometime soon and thus it is advised that if one can inaugurate such ideas around this time, it has better chances of becoming successful. Of course, this doesn’t rule out adequate preparation and research on your part in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. Using the energy of the full moon is an advantage and not a path in totality. In the same example from practices that employ spells, the spell still had to be cast by an expert who knew what he/she was doing. If the spell was done incorrectly then the chances were slim, however when done correctly by someone well versed in them, on a full moon day or waxing moon period then the chances of success increased.

Full Moons are about illuminating issues that are already there but have always been under the surface. Emotions are heightened and those who have astrological signs in this house have their emotions more on the high. Just as the Full Moon brings light to our planet, it also brings light to issues in our lives which have been in the “dark”. Often times we either ignore these issues for a myriad of reasons and procrastinate about fixing them. The full moon takes the liberty to bring them to the forefront of our lives as if a torch was shone on them.  This explains why as mentioned earlier on, during this phase we may sometimes see our friends or loved ones act in ways that are not very “usual”. While they may have expertly hidden some traits either knowingly or unknowingly, the full moon phase has its way of bringing this out. So naturally the question is; how can we make the best of this phase if we happen to notice that things in our lives are been brought to light?

Without getting too much into the jargons of astrology, I can say that those who have Moon planet in their house that controls emotions and reasoning may have their emotions really heightened this period. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it only becomes an issue when the planet in the house of emotions is a house that isn’t friendly. We can, however, prepare ourselves by mentally getting ready for this phase by either engaging in more spiritual activities or by taking time out to do more reflection and soul searching. There is nothing wrong in taking some time out to be alone while channeling the moon’s energy to our advantage. If we notice certain issues are coming to the surface, either by our own observation or remarks from friends and family, we can also use this period to make strong positive decisions about how we want to resolve them. Nature always has a way to help us, all we have to do is take advantage of her help. The more we try to be in sync with Nature, the more we have clarity about how we can operate in a manner that is in grain with her.

I hope this helps someone out there who might be experiencing some changes in their lives and gives them some clarity as to how to solve these issues. Till next week, read, share and follow for more.

Psychic Attack/Manipulation

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all again yet another interesting blog this week. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a couple of discussions with family and friends on the issue of esoteric and psychic manipulations. A few days back, I also had a long talk with a very good friend of mine, whom I share a very deep sense of spirituality with and from that conversation I felt I share a few thoughts.

The one conversation that actually got me thinking that it would be worthwhile to share this topic, was the one I had two nights back. Psychic manipulations are real and for the uninitiated, these are manipulations carried out on a subtle level. They could be by human beings who have learned and mastered the art of utilizing dark energy against other people, usually for a selfish or malicious end, or they could be by subtle beings, usually with lower energies (dark), but higher access to their subtle side. To make this easier to grasp, let look at the human body. There is the physical body, which we all see and feel. This body can, however, be subject to disease if not properly taken care of.

The disease gets into our body through unsafe/ unsanitary habits, thereby introducing certain virus or bacteria into our system. Our antibodies or immune system will try to fight to the point where they are over-powered and then the body breaks down. There is a similar scenario for our subtle body, which is the connection between our soul and gross body. The subtle body is not made up of gross elements like earth and water, but of mind, intelligence and ego. The subtle body is thus less restricted as compared to the gross body. It is also vulnerable to attacks just like the physical body. The antibody for our subtle body is our spiritual habit/practice. Just as good hygiene helps to keep away diseases, good spiritual practices helps to keep away subtle attacks on the subtle body. We can be victims of attacks for many reasons, however, one sure way to attract such lower energies is to allow oneself to be a “walking vessel”. When we fail to keep our subtle bodies armed by daily engaging in spiritual practices, we are naturally inviting these attacks.

Often times people fail to realize that, just as there are innumerable microbes that we cannot see without the aid of an electron microscope, similarly there are innumerable beings from different dimensions roaming around, that we cannot see with our naked eyes. I know at this point, some skeptics may feel this is just another “conspiracy theory”, but I must say this is far from such. Every now and then we get to see people losing a sense of whom they are and begin to feel as if their minds were operating on its own. There have also been cases of people who actually admit to using subtle means to manipulate people to do their biddings. Even some Governments have admitted to using mass control methods to get people to act in a certain type of way. Thus, it is no longer  a question of “is it true?” but one of “how do we tackle this?” When the subtle body is weak then it becomes porous to attacks just like a weak immune system.

The physical body has a lot of impacts on the subtle body and vice versa because they both need each other to function. When the physical body engages in activities that are not spiritually uplifting then the subtle body suffers for it. Take for example someone who is constantly in a state of inebriety, first the physical body is weak, out of consciousness, and sometimes dirty. The speech of such a person is mostly incoherent, and sometimes with foul language. He/she can hardly recognize people or make sense of anything. In such a state, his/her body is not theirs and as such, they are in an altered state, that is induced by an external stimulant and not by consciously raising their level of awareness. When this happens then such people become susceptible to beings that “prey” on such physical bodies. So just as virus and bacteria “prey” on body’s exposed to low hygiene, subtle beings prey on subtle bodies that are not protected spiritually and porous to attack.

When the subtle body is attacked and taken over, we still see the physical body going about its functions and may never suspect anything unless we are psychics or have some training to feel and understand these energies. Some people may be able to tell that they are having some attacks, while some may not be able to do so. Just as sometimes we may have an ailment and be able to tell, while sometimes we require a specialist/Doctor to run a diagnosis. Whatever the case may be, we can try to prevent these attacks by keeping our “spiritual hygiene” intact. We can try to avoid substances that alter our consciousness; for in an altered state of consciousness, we have no grip on our reality. We can try to have a daily ritual or practice where we spend some time every day, connecting to higher divine beings through, prayer, meditation, chants, hymns, etc.

We can clean up our living spaces to avoid clutter, as this aids dark subtle beings who are attracted to such an environment. The less clutter we have the less dense our living spaces are and more light we can get in. We can also try to make sure that we keep our physical body healthy and clean by daily taking a shower to help keep us clean and sound at all times. Just as germs won’t thrive on a clean physical body, a clean physical body helps sustain a better subtle body. We can avoid activities that invite dark energy or beings, such as seances, graveyard visits, left-hand tantra etc. We can also minimize our association with people who are known to dabble with dark energies. This was we can greatly reduce our susceptibility to such attacks.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.

Thought Bending

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you some new insights this week. Today before we delve into our topic for the day, I just want to say I had an amazing weekend, most especially because I could connect with my god-family and also had the chance to make new acquaintances. The buildup to last weekend for me was pretty exciting and I must say I have picked up a few more things.

I needed to make a journey and as such, I had to make arrangements such as flight and other travel logistics. Prior to this journey, I had a few doubts as to whether I could make it or not. The entire process of preparing up to taking my flights had some hiccups that I had to practically power my way through mentally. This kind of reminds me of my travel experiences as a teenager. The power of visualization had helped me go through some of the most hectic travels all before I actually had them. Even though at the time I had some vague idea of the power of visualization, I didn’t really know how powerful it was and to what extent I was influencing things. One day, I actually had a conversation with my Dad and I had mentioned that I used this technique to sort of cushion trips I knew would be “tough”.

Of course, he knew about this concept and used it on a more advanced level and did share a few pointers but I sort of “outgrew” the practice with time. Every now and then I’ll channel this process whenever I had a “blockage” in any of my activities but it was sort of an occasional means to be one step ahead of matter. Last weekend while traveling, I missed my connecting flight as I wasn’t familiar with the airport and the concourses they had. So it took me longer than usual to find the boarding gate for my flight and by the time I got there, my flight had taken off. At this point; panic, fear, regret and more negative thought patterns can easily envelop you and before you know it, you are sunk in self-pity. I had a quick glimpse of all these but there and then, I guess subconsciously I knew it wasn’t going to help me. The ticket attendant, did what she could and I was scheduled for another flight that was 2 hours away; as pending and another 6 hours away that was confirmed.

I accepted my fate and went to sit in the waiting area as I began to reflect on the events that were unfolding as nature’s way of allowing me to reorganize my energy. I had 6 hours to look into my trip ahead and the entire weekend’s activities. This is where the concept of “thought bending” comes in. For every positive thought, I tried to project there was an equal and opposite negative one just waiting to tell me that I was wasting my time. I’ll refocus and then try again to send out the vibes I needed. This part requires mental power that isn’t easily affected by the hundreds of negative thoughts streaming into our minds. For each positive thought I created, I had to back it up with some detail. The subconscious mind has its way of also allowing us to tap into reserved positivity or negativity; depending on which we have cultivated more in the past.

Just like the animated series of Avatar, where you have tribes that bend the elements ( Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) to serve their will and purpose, similarly thought bending is a process of being aware of our thought pattern and bending them to become more favorable. I must say that as simple as this sounds, it is very esoteric in nature and those who haven’t had any experience with projecting energy may find this write up somewhat vague, and I do understand how they feel, nevertheless do not give up on trying. To those who already have some experience on this subject matter, I say that practice and only positive thought patterns should be cultivated.

My dad once told me during one of our esoteric conversations that “magic is order”. I got a hint of what he meant at the time and how he had used the phrase to explain an incidence, however little did I know that when an order is instilled in our thoughts, the result is nothing short of a magical experience. When we can weed out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, so very often while believing in the materialization of the new thoughts then we can aspire to have a better chance at thought bending.  A quick example I’ll like to share to give more insight into this concept is a simple one we can try at any time. if you can lay your hands on a packet of straws, scatter say 30 straws on a table and without trying to arrange them, grab them in that pile and try to make them all conform to any particular distortion of your choice. You’ll find out that it is almost impossible, as the straws will keep falling off your grip. It might be even very difficult to pick them all up.

Now if you gather all 30 straws and arrange them nicely side by side, you’ll notice how much easier it is to pick them all up and then proceed to distort their shape all in one move and direction. In the same vein, negative thoughts are like scattered straws and the untrained mind is like the hand trying to grab them all in one pick. By constant practice such as meditation or better still mantra meditation, one will gradually be able to arrange these thoughts and then have them conform to whatever shape or form we desire. I hope this blog helps those of you struggling with having productive thought patterns, and I hope it helps those who are more advanced in this practice to be able to affect the world on a more positive energy level.

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Dear readers,

It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all once again, yet another interesting blog this week. I hope you all are faring well. As a break to the last series of blogs I uploaded which were quite philosophical in nature, I decided to write on a more mainstream topic today. Today’s topic is one that almost everyone is conversant with and not much philosophy is needed to explain what it is. However we are going to be looking at the subject matter a few steps away from the physical aspect.

Today I shall be writing on dreams. So what are dreams? This word or concept is very interesting because it can be both a noun and a verb. Many of us are conversant with Martin Luther’s famous speech “I have a dream”. When we speak of dream as a verb we usually talk about the possibility of doing something. However when we speak of dream as a noun then we are referring to a series of thoughts, images etc. that occur in a person’s mind when they are asleep. We all have had dreams at one point in time or another and most of us do every night when we go to bed. In fact only a very few percentage of people go to sleep and do not recall having dreams. This could be for various reasons. The beauty of having dreams is that we are introduced to a world where we are not limited by time, space, nor our bodies.

At one point in time or another, some of us must have had a dream where we were flying, had special abilities, could speak different languages or had immense strength. We were able to do things that defied the laws of nature and the abilities of our physical bodies. Then we wake up in the morning and all that is gone. So what happened to all that we saw in our dreams? To understand this let us analyze a few basic concepts. We have the sleeping state and the wakeful state. In between these two states we have a third which allows for occurrences such as hypnosis, but that is another topic entirely. In our wakeful state, we do things with the help of our physical body. We walk, dance, talk, laugh, and eat, all with the help of our physical body. Thus we are limited by the capacity of what our physical bodies can do. We also have another body called the subtle body, some call it the astral body and those who practice astral travels tend to use this body more. Astral travelling is one practice that allows people to experience for a fact that they are actually more than just their physical bodies. We will not dwell much on this subject either.

In the dream, when our physical bodies are in their sleeping state, the subtle body is in its waking/wakeful state. It is safe to say that for those who are not very spiritually in tune with their subtle bodies, it remains dormant or asleep when the physical body is awake. So at night when the physical body goes to sleep, it becomes active. This body begins to engage in various activities, based on our desires, thoughts, imaginations or share dictates of the mind. Sometimes, information that is stored in our subconscious mind make it to our dreams and it develops form or shape. If we spent an entire day dealing with say flight bookings for people to a holiday resort, it won’t come as a surprise if at night we see ourselves swimming with dolphins in a breathtaking resort. Even though we might not have had a direct contact with a resort, but information of this place builds up in our subconscious mind as we were working throughout the day. Dreams could also be more than just thoughts or replays from our subconscious minds. Dreams could provide us with visions into events that are yet to happen, or even better clarity to things that have happened.

Some people have been able to testify to seeing things in their dreams and sometime later these things manifest in the real world. This ability if properly harnessed becomes some sort of clairvoyance and can be used to help people. Another interesting phenomena which we can get from dreams is that when one is very spiritually advanced, dreams could be a contact point for association with higher beings who may not be able to present themselves before us physically due to various reasons. In fact my spiritual mentor used to say that, whenever any of his disciples has any difficulty we should just speak to him and he would definitely give guidance. Many of my god brothers have recorded many occasions where our spiritual mentor would appear to them in a dream and give clarification to things.

The possibilities that are present in our dreams are endless and when we can access these properly, we begin to operate on a different dimension. Many of us might have seen the movie Inception, where the famous Actor Leonardo DiCaprio uses the sleeping state of dreams to implant ideas and thoughts into the minds of people. Even though many people might wave this off as just a movie, the idea of mind control via several methods is not new or alien in our society today.  The most popular form of mind control we all know is the Television or nowadays social media. There are however more subtle forms of mind control which are not easily accessible to the masses that is been used currently by many powerful countries in the world. These techniques are used to control, manipulate and even access information from competing countries via spy agents.

It is thus very important to try to keep track of our dreams every day, this way we can monitor the thought process of our subconscious mind. When we keep track of our dreams then we can also influence the outcome of the type of dreams we want to have. Yes, it is possible to influence the dreams we have. We can write down or dreams daily as soon as we wake up before we get off the bed. This allows us to fully recollect the dreams we had at night. Initially this might be difficult especially if we are not used to remembering our dreams. However with time and conscious practice, we will gradually begin to recollect more.

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You have False Ego 2

Dear readers,

It is a pleasure to be able to share with you again this week yet another exciting blog. I am really glad to have this unique opportunity to discuss deep topics on such a platform. On that note I’ll say once again that I am even more excited to countdown the release date of my new book, due for the 3rd of November.

I had an amazing weekend at a Kirtan (congregational chanting and singing of the Holy name of God) festival, in an amazing Eco village in Pennsylvania. Every now and then it is good to have one’s spiritual batteries charged up. The entire singing and dancing went on for about 14hours, and in that time frame the only thing that mattered was how to full immerse myself in the chant. For that time frame, no one cared if you looked a certain way, spoke a certain way, and dressed a certain way etc. all that mattered was how much you were contributing in the glorification of the holy name. In brief it was amazing.

This week I’ll continue from where we left off last time and try to give real life scenarios of how the false ego can be misconstrued. Have you ever been told that you have false ego? Funny yet interesting question. I’ll share with you all a real life experience.

Once I was engaged in doing some service, when a devotee approached me and started to share with me what he described as “his honest opinion of me”. I appreciated his genuine effort to come to me in person instead of saying things behind me and I patiently heard all he had to say. I tried to answer any question he had about my personality and tried to alleviate his doubts on those things he didn’t understand about me. However I noticed his intention wasn’t to dialogue but to start a verbal confrontation. In the course of his “speech” he said something which I felt was funny but he thought was rather an attack. He told me “You know, I think you have false ego.” For those not conversant with the lingo, this phrase is a “polite” way of telling someone I think you are proud, in the Gaudiya circle.

I laughed so hard and what he thought was an insult to me became an embarrassment for him. I replied “did you just know?” He was shocked. The usual response would have been a defense or a retort. He looked at me eyes wide open. I smiled and said again “I know I have false ego”. Now he was really confused and asked what do you mean? At this point it is interesting to note that, he was now asking me a question about a statement he just made. Had I responded the way he was expecting by retorting or defending myself, the whole discussion would have degenerated into something messy.  Now seeing he was in a more receptive mood, rather confused now than hostile, I asked him “you don’t know the meaning of what you just said?” He replied saying he did but he didn’t expect that answer.

I then proceeded to explain certain facts about the statement that he had just made. “First and foremost I know I have false ego, which If you define that by saying I identify with my body, you are absolutely right. If I didn’t have any false go, I wouldn’t be here in the material world with a material body. The mere fact that I am here in this world subjected to the threefold miseries and the dualities of a material body means I indeed have false ego. It means my misidentification of the body as the self has put me in such a situation. “

Seeing that this was rather too philosophical for him to grasp and probably not what he meant I then went on to address the second probable meaning. “If you however want to say that I am proud and have used the polite phrase of saying I have false ego, then you are also right. I have no difficulty admitting this, if you see this fault in me. Anyhow I am in a nice process of cleansing theses faults and if I take proper advantage of the process I should be able to get rid of them soon.” Let’s just say that was the last time he ever spoke to me again.

One interesting thing about people trying to label others as been proud or egocentric is that often times it is a subtle reflection of their true self. More so, the phrase “you have false ego” could be used as a means to shut people off, especially when there seems to be a subtle attack on our shortcomings. Sometimes when we ask people a genuine question that seems to challenge their belief system or that brings out their shortcomings, then this phrase is used as an indirect way to dissuade us from inquiring further and making it look as if we are the ones who have an issue. The phrase could also be an indirect way of telling people not to have mind of their own and not to think for themselves.

The whole idea of self-realization is not to become “woke” on a metaphysical level but to also become awakened even on the physical platform. For if the awakening doesn’t start from the physical to the metaphysical then sometimes it could be sentimental. So for all spiritual practitioners who are on the journey of self-realization, do not despair. Sometimes we are put to test in many ways just to see if our resolve to become enlightened is real or just a farce. As we strive for perfection in our endeavors let us try to remember that before we can become self-realized souls, we have to indeed become human beings first, complete with all good qualities of love, compassion, truthful, peacefulness etc. Only after imbibing these qualities in full can we aspire to become more.

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You have False Ego! 1

Dear readers,

It is great to be here once again sharing with you all interesting insights on various esoteric subjects. In roughly two weeks my book will be available on various eBook platforms and I look forward to sharing my work with you all. In all of this I am excited yet humbled at the grace of God in my life. I’ll put up links to various platforms where my book can be purchased as soon as it is released, if you haven’t gotten a pre-order, do so now to take advantage of the special discount.

Without further ado, today let’s talk about something most of us must have heard at some point in time, either from a friend or someone who feels the need to “instruct us”. To begin with, what is the Ego? The basic definition is “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Psychoanalysis takes the meaning a step further by saying ego is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious, and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. In Metaphysics ego is described as a conscious thinking subject.

Since we are looking things from a metaphysical perspective we will be working more with the third description, as what we have to discuss is beyond the scope of the first two. In spiritual circles we usually talk more about the real ego, which is the self or the soul. We make allusions to the real ego as the real self because it is distinct from the gross body and connection to this ego awakens our real identity. Often times there is a mix between the two ego’s; the real and the false ego. People who are very much on the bodily platform take the false ego; the body and its designations to be the real ego; the soul. They make plans and arrangements in life based on what they perceive from the false ego and thus fall time without number into a pool of distress and disappointment. Those who identify the false ego as the real ego, usually define ego from the physical perspective of the first definition.

To them, ego is that which supports their self-esteem or self-importance. Anything that goes against this is seen as a detriment to their ego and the response could be defensive whenever people see their ego threatened. However to tie our very core value or importance to things that relate to our physical bodies is to limit the true meaning of the real ego. When we feel our ego needs a car, house, money etc. to survive we are actually operating on the level of the first definition which is totally physical. The second definition says it (the ego) mediates between the conscious and the unconscious… Here we see an attempt to ascribe something more to the ego. Somehow or the other, people must have seen through practical experience that you can still maintain a good level of self-esteem without depending on external appraisal. This means that the ego is beyond the external. The only confusion here is that we can see that Psychoanalysis doesn’t have the name for the real ego and doesn’t really know where to place it and thus says it is between the conscious and unconscious. They know it is more than the physical but are not entirely sure if it is spiritual.

Metaphysics tries to solve this dilemma by saying it is the conscious thinking subject. What does this mean? For the body to exist or be alive there has to be consciousness, a very important factor. The present of consciousness in a body is what determines if it is dead or alive. Beyond consciousness there is the subject (the real self) that is responsible for this “thinking or thoughts”. Automatically Metaphysics separates the mind from the ego by saying it is the “thinking subject”. The Mind is the playground for our thoughts and as such it cannot be the ego. So if the mind is the playground for our thoughts and the ego is consciousness, this means it is more and superior to the mind. More so, because the ego is described as the thinking subject naturally we can see where the “I and Me” concept truly lies.  The thinking is done by a subject (the ego), and our thoughts are filled with objects of the senses which are also the object of the subjects thinking. Simply put, the ego (subject) is responsible for our thought process (object) to the degree that it sees itself as real or false.

So how do we differentiate real from false ego? Real ego means understanding the soul or the self to be higher than the mind and body. It means understanding that we are infinitesimal spiritual sparks fully cognizant, blissful and eternal. False ego on the other hand is based on the bodily identifications, which is taking the body to be the self. It is built on the premise that whatever we are is based on the external identifications of the body that we can see. It says there is nothing higher than the self and as such gratification of the senses of the body is the highest goal of life. Not only is this thinking erroneous it is also detrimental to the awakening of our real self. Living by such philosophy deprives the spiritual practitioner the chance to connect to something deeper; the soul or real ego.

There is a more practical approach to this delineation here and due to space I’ll present that in a sequel to this, next week. In that sequel I’ll try to help you see the application and also misapplication of the real and false ego. I’ll also help us identify situations whereby people can misconstrue the real meaning of the word ego so as to be politically correct or just to make others feel less important. I’ll also help us see how we can tune in to our real ego without becoming naïve or losing self-esteem.

Till then do read, share and follow for more.

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