If Money wasn’t an issue…


It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all another blog today. Lest I forget; my thoughts and prayers to all those who affected by the Hurricane. Let’s hope and pray that it passes soon and things can return to normal. This happening around the same time as the Amazon burning is just too many indicators that we need to do better as inhabitants of this planet. We can’t just run off to another planet if this one is destroyed, so before we spend so much trying to find life and existence on other planets, maybe we can use some of that fund to save the life here first.

Whenever natural disasters like this happen, the loss can be really staggering. On another note, Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly creeping in. The weather even though still feels like Summer, for the most part, we can’t ignore the temperature dropping and the frequent rains. This fluctuation every now and then has seemed to get the better part of me and I am currently under the weather.

Whenever we are in situations of discomfort be it bodily or environmental, it helps us appreciate how much we take things for granted. We wake up every day and feel that it is just normal that we did, we feel like it is normal that we can just walk to our places of work, we feel like it is normal that we can eat, sleep, etc all unaided. The truth is none of these are promised and every day we wake up we have to be grateful. The other day, my colleague at work and I were taking a  walk and we came across a guy who was having housing issues and had all his stuff in a plastic bag. The plastic bag was torn in many places and was barely holding up. As we walked past our recycling bins there was a cardboard box sitting next to one of the bins and my colleague said: ”  I hope he takes this to put his stuff in it”.

In that split second, I replied ” it is interesting how we go about each day complaining about the things we don’t have and things we wish we had and our grand schemes and plans. Here is a guy who at this point just needs a bag to hold his clothes so that he doesn’t have to drag all his stuff all over the floor.” We both sighed and kept walking. The thought lingered in my mind though. A day or two later, as I was walking from one of our offices to the other, another guy in a similar situation had stopped me to ask for spare change. Deep down inside I really wanted to spare him a dollar or something and had told myself on the way out I’ll give him if he was still there. However, on the other hand, there is the precautionary thought about giving money to people on the street. The intention will be to assist them in getting something to eat or drink.

On the flip side, some of these guys have drug addictions and monetary help given to tghem only aids them in supporting the addiction. Hence the dilemma: to give or not to give? My dad has always had a formula that works; he says to give money to someone who may use it to further a vice is like you enable them. So what does he do? He keeps extra bottles of water and snacks in his car and anytime he comes across someone asking for help, he gives them something to eat or drink. This seems like a win-win for everyone. He helps them and is not bothered about what they do with his the help, because he knows they can’t use it to buy anything harmful to themselves.

I have been asked a good number of times what will I do if money or time wasn’t an issue. My response has been; travel the world and feed people in every country I visit. Imagine traveling from one country to another and at each stop, we hold a mass public feeding event and feed as many people as possible then pack up after a day or two to another country and repeat. The idea will be to distribute healthy cruelty-free meals cooked in the area of distribution and given to people free of charge. The idea of a cruelty-free meal ( read vegetarian) is also a conscious means to help raise awareness of the struggle our environment is facing. If I was to feed say 5,000 – 10,000 people meals that have animals in them, I’ll be supporting an industry that is killing our planet.

Now imagine this scene in every country around the world. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to see the smiles on the faces of people in places or countries that I have never been. To be able to connect with people who I may never see again but still create a lifetime impression. There is a satisfaction that comes from helping others that money cannot buy. I have been involved in food relief around the world and to be honest, every continent has people who are in dire need of a meal. There is no country so rich that no one is starving. This would be just a phase of my dream activity. The second phase I’ll rather not share here as ideas are priceless.

This planet has people with lots of money and I know money is not an issue in achieving this goal. When the Cathedral got burnt recently and just three families raised over $500M, it was justa confirmation of how much people have that they don’t actually need. There is a saying ” there is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for one Man’s greed.” Hopefully someday we can all realize that we cannot eat and breathe money. Maybe when the planet is out of Oxygen and food is completely artificial, maybe then we would see that money is not as important as we tend to make it seem.

Today’s blog is more of me sharing some of my thoughts and insights into things that happened during my week. I am still struggling with flu symptoms as I write and hopefully by this time next week I should be in better form and health.

Till then, read, share and follow for more.

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