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Hope you all are faring well.

Summer has been pretty interesting here with the various “emotional weather” it has given. One day there is a storm forecast and the next day heatwave; fluctuations from 65-82 degrees intermittently. It’s really hot out here and the heatwave is getting intense.  I guess for the most part I am just trying to stay hydrated. Anyways I just felt I share what my immediate day and week has been like. Last week I shared a Prayer and the response was heartwarming.

Today I want to share a few thoughts that have been on my mind as regards the African American community here in the states. I was speaking with one of our Maintenance guys at the office last week and one discussion led to another. During the course of our conversation, we had steered into the issue of consumerism. We both were in agreement that today many people buy things they don’t really need just because they have been hooked on the addiction of consumerism. This naturally went on to topics like which demographic is mostly guilty of this. We also went on to talk about how the African American community “complains” a lot about how they “don’t have resources” but spend the most on things that add little or no value to their income.

By the way, if anyone was wondering, the maintenance guy and I are “black-bodied”, and he is somewhere in his middle age. I feel that sometimes people get too carried away with the false identification of being “their body” that they find it hard to speak certain truths when it pertains to people of their demographic. Every demographic has its strengths and its flaws. Now does it mean we should dwell on either and use it to justify capricious activities? No! Has the “black community” been disenfranchised by slavery? Yes! Did this put them back a great deal? Yes! Is this still an issue today as regards privileges accorded to certain demographics? Yes!

Now moving forward; what have I noticed? Every now and then I hear things like the black community doesn’t get as much Government assistance as other demographics. Is this totally true? I am not sure, however, yes there is a bias and we see it every day with issues like young black men being shot and the officers who kill them having little to no retribution. My blog is not a political one so I’ll leave that part and focus on what really matters to me; “self-help”. Now I want you all to take a mental note of how many black Football players (NFL not soccer) we have that earn six figures. Then I want you all to make mental notes of Basketball players in the same category. Now make another mental note of rappers, athletes and actors in the same category.

Very impressive list right! If you are social media savvy we all know how some of these athletes, rappers, etc flaunt their wealth. Without mentioning names, there is one so notorious of this to the extent that almost all his pictures show him displaying cash worth millions on the table, floor, bed, etc. I hear someone say; well it is their money and they can do with it as they please. I totally agree. What I don’t agree with is the hypocrisy. How can you all talk about how your “community” is disenfranchised and 10 of you are sitting on billions of dollars? How can you talk about the government not helping “your people” when you guys can’t help your own people? The hypocrisy is strong.

Without calling names, I can mentally think of 5 basketball players, 5 rappers, 5 athletes, 5 football players whose combined net worth is in the Billions. Why can’t these “successful” black people give back to their own community? Why can’t they do things in their own communities to empower more of their own to be like them? If you are making $100M in one of your competitions and you don’t have anything that generates wealth for your own people then who is to blame? I know everyone must work for his own success and I am not a fan of cheap handouts, however, if some of you have made it out of the “rat race” with more than “a little” to spare why not invest it back into your own community? Well, I guess that is too noble to do. These “rich and successful” black minority at the top will rather throw lavish parties, buy unnecessary stuff, flaunt their wealth, and eventually end up in debt.

When that happens, they blame the system again for victimizing them. I feel it is pathetic and just totally delusional to have so much potential “within” and yet be searching for “help” outside. Then we all wonder why the current generation is so caught up in the “get rich quick” syndrome. We all wonder why the moment a young black kid gets “rich and famous” they want to buy all the expensive toys and flaunt it. We all wonder why they immediately dissociate themselves from their community. What goes around comes around. Every now and then while at work I see flashy cars dropping off people or delivering food, and when I check who the driver is; guess what, my very brothers.

Is it wrong to have a side hustle? Absolutely not. In fact in our society today, we all need one. However here is the picture; if you are doing a food delivery side hustle in a new edition BMW, BENZ or PORSCHE Cayenne, then something is off with your priorities. The car notes on that car if saved could help you so much that you might not even need a side hustle. Let’s not even mention the insurance for cars like that. Am I saying don’t drive a nice car? No, but drive a car that you can afford without “killing yourself”. This is just one example of the “trend” and trust me if you interrogate these guys driving these flashy cars and “hustling” they’ll tell you that the government is the problem 100%.

Victim mentality in our demographic is high and strong, hopefully, one day we’ll all wake up and see that what really matters is not the exterior. Till next week, read, share and follow for more.

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