Dear readers,

It is great to be here with you all again this week and above all most exciting to be able to share with you more insightful topics. I hope you all are faring well.

Last week we took a look at a topic called the “internal dialogue” and basically I tried to shed some light on what happens when we have the wrong kind of internal dialogue. That is to say, when we allow our minds to take over and continue to feed us with very negative thought processes. We also saw that these thought process wasn’t something that magically happened over night but as a result of our habits and choices.

Today we aren’t necessarily going to go in the same direction but we shall rather look at how the mind puts us in a mode where we have an altered identity, or one that isn’t our real identity; incognito. Incognito as a word means to have one’s identity concealed, this is a state we are all going through due to the fact that we have material bodies that are not cognizant and eternal. Thus when we are at such a disadvantage it is best not to indulge in anything that further makes us incognito. By virtue of having a material body we are already at a disadvantage as to what our original constitutional position or identity is, and thus we have to do things that enhance the remembrance of our identity and not those that make us forget. One easy way to forget is to indulge ourselves in internal dialogues that distract us from our real goal.

The truth is, as part and parcel of a Supreme Being who is all pervading, it is almost impossible to try to be incognito, as this is not natural. However, we can become incognito if we fail to realize who we really are, and one way to do that is to do all those things that are not conducive for our spiritual growth. Internal dialogue isn’t just about overcoming negativity, but also about breaking free from captivity; the captivity of the mind. The mind tells us we are the body and we act on the bodily platform and ignore all those things which help us attain a higher state of consciousness and realization. The mind tells us that we are better off doing things that promote bodily identification, because by so doing we forget our real nature more and more. Thus it is as if we are consciously going deeper into the incognito mode. One interesting thing about “being incognito” is that we for a moment think that we actually aren’t there, and for one who isn’t “there” the question of responsibility is out of question.

What does that mean? When we indulge in destructive internal dialogue we are actually helping our minds to feed us the idea that we are nothing more than “bodies”. If and when we buy into this idea, we take a step further into being incognito because we begin to actually negate the existence of anything superior to the body. By refusing to accept that there is a force higher than the body, we are free to act as we please because there is no accountability for the soul. The main reason why people feel “comfortable” with being “incognito” as regards their true spiritual identity is that; they do not want to be bothered with the reality of being more than just a body. So you might hear stuff like “well we are all just light and thus we should all just be living lights that shine in the world”. As “sweet” as this may sound, we can immediately see that with being “light” we are not accountable for anything. Everything is more or less laisse faire. However, when we refine our internal dialogue to the point where we see and accept that we are more than just the body then we begin to ask questions like; “how can I know more about the real self? What is the duty of the real self? These questions will lead to a genuine search and that search will yield results that will hopefully spur one into action, and when there is action there is definitely reaction and consequences.

One may wonder, if our real nature offers more than just the incognito mode that we are currently in due to our choices and negative internal dialogue, then why aren’t we opting for the better plan?

Well the simple answer is Ignorance or lack of realized knowledge. When we do not have the knowledge we need about the real self, then we think it is best to be unknown or incognito. Let us imagine you have a large inheritance, worth millions of dollars, left for you by a distant relative who didn’t have any family members, then it is easier for you to live in whatever circumstances that you are currently in now. However the moment you know that you have that inheritance that is rightfully yours, everything changes. You immediately gear into action, you begin to find a lawyer to know about the technicality of claiming the inheritance, then you also make inquiries as to what exactly the inheritance entails, and then you also begin to plan what you will do with it. Thus the knowledge about the real state or identity is the key to this sad state of being incognito.

The knowledge needed to step out of this state of being incognito is vast and yet simple for those who are simple minded. If we sincerely start by watching our internal dialogues then we can hope to actually begin to ask ourselves questions that are necessary for our real identity. I hope this sheds some light on the matter. Till next week do read, internalize, share and follow for more.

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